Unsafe Dwelling Conditions in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

In addition to lacking clean water, power, and safe road conditions, over 200,000 Puerto Ricans completely lost their homes during Hurricane Maria. For the many who sustained damage but could remain in their properties, they lacked protection from the elements so mold, electrical, and additional property damage ensued. Tens of thousands of people were living in their beneath broken/fallen power lines, light poles, and tree trunks. Today, many still lack clean water and power.

Donations from this fund have supported the rebuilding efforts in the target areas of Barranquitas, Corozal, and Naranjito (all municipalities of Central Puerto Rico).

partial roof tarp corazal.JPG


People attempted to cover what they could of their roofs until roofing materials were supplied by FEMA. This structure was still without appropriate protection nearly 60 days after Hurricane Maria; likely all inside contents were damaged during this delay.